The Staging of Delusion of the Fury

Self-taught and visionary, individualist maverick-like vagabond, creator of musical instruments, Harry Partch (1901-1974) lived far from any academic routes. Passionate about the poetry of Yeats, Partch sought the delicate immediacy of vernacular language, his microtonal musical language escaping the equal temperament of Western music. Somewhere between art and popular music, Partch influenced minimalism, but also personalities such as Tom Waits and Heiner Goebbels, another constructor of sonorous machines. Delusion of the Fury, directed by Goebbels, is a ritual opera for actors, chorus, dancers, and a large instrumental ensemble; a combination of drama, inspired by Japanese Noh, and by traditional African farces. "The Greek idea of a drama followed by a comedy can be found here in one evening of theater."

© 2013 Valerij Lisac, commande de l'Ensemble Musikfabrik