Olivier Cadiot is the author of a multifacted poetic work. From his first works published by P.O.L to writing for theater with Ludovic Lagarde, opera librettos for Pascal Dusapin, and the translation of biblical texts (Psalms, Song of Songs) and those of Gertrude Stein.

For several years, he has delivered his own texts on the occasion of joyful readings. His writing is obviously influenced by the 20th century literary avant-garde: Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, William Burroughs… He was noticed, like a large number of authors in his generation, through Roland Barthes' seminars. Cadiot admits that his first aesthetic shock was during the reading of the poem by Mallarmé Le Tombeau d'Anatole. In his writing, Cadiot manifests a preoccupation for a constant formal intervention, made of cut-ups, breaks, and simultaneity. However, he always maintains his desire to "make complicated things simple".

Photo: Olivier Cadiot © Jean-Luc Guérin

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