Daniel D'Adamo studied composition in his native Buenos Aires, before moving to France in 1992. He studied composition with Philippe Manoury at the CNSMD de Lyon and then followed the Cursus program at IRCAM where he was able to benefit from the advice of Tristan Murail and Brian Ferneyhough. In 1997, he was a resident at the Villa Médicis where he created the festival Musica XXI. During 2007-2008, Daniel D'Adamo was a composer in residence at Royaumont, a residence he extended with the commission from the Ensemble Philidor for instruments from the 17th century. Daniel D'Adamo never neglected teaching: firstly as a professor in analaysis at the CNSMD de Paris then at the conservatory in Tours (where he founded and coordinated the Atelier Contemporain). He has taught composition at the conservatory in Reims since 2009.

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Daniel D'Adamo © Guillaume Chauvin
Daniel D'Adamo © Guillaume Chauvin

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