Sciarrino - Furrer

June 8, 2016, 8:30 p.m.    |    18 € / 14 € / 10 € Reserve
Centre Pompidou - Grande salle

In connection with the exhibit "Un art pauvre" at the Centre Pompidou

The flute and voice, two idiomatic instruments in Salvatore Sciarrino's œuvre, are a part of what the Sicilian composer called the ecology of listening and sound: the capacity to create and perceive corporeal and natural sound phenomena, breathing, trembling, beating. A poem of breath and distancing. With the voice is born a theater of instantly recognizable affects and masks.  Close to Sciarrino, are the rapid and fleeting textures of Beat Furrer inspired by the lotus-eaters in the Odyssey who lose their memory. Furrer – Sciarrino: an idea of non-oriented time, of music where everything has already begun, where the limits of notes shimmer and disappear.

from left to right : Salvatore Sciarrino © Luca Carrà, RaiTrade et Beat Furrer © David Furrer, 2014

Johanna Zimmer Soprano
Matteo Cesari flute
Uli Fussenegger contrebasse
Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Ensemble Klangforum Wien

Beat Furrer Conductor
Alexis Baskind IRCAM Computer Music Design

  • BEAT FURRER Kaleidoscopic Memories, commissioned by Françoise and Jean-Philippe Billarant, Premiere ; Spur ; Lotófagos I
  • SALVATORE SCIARRINO Immagine Fenicia ; Come vengono prodotti gli incantesimi? ; Morte Tamburo ; Carnaval

Listen to the concert 

An IRCAM/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou coproduction. With the support of Pro Helvetia, Fondation suisse pour la culture and the Sacem. Concert broadcast on France Musique June 13 juin at 8pm in The lundis de la contemporaine.

Download the program (in French)

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