Arte povera : musique de chambre

June 30, 2016, 9 p.m.    |    18 € / 14 € / 10 € Reserve
Centre Pompidou - Grande salle

In connection with the exhibit "Un art pauvre" at the Centre Pompidou

Between Sciarrino for whom Matteo Cesari will premiere a large-scale work for solo flute and a new generation of composers passionate about the "ecology" of listening, the relation is close and perceptible, even when using different media. Salvatore Sciarrino highlights breath and the body of the interpreter in a vast operation of reducing the material, while Jérôme Combier imagines a world of debris and matter, where the electronics alter and mask the instrumental. The shadow of Lachenmann hovers above this evening's concert. Salut für Caudwell for two guitarists is a striking scansion, gestures and sounds are muffled, with the rise of speech that is neither spoken nor sung nor recited, but almost chanted, "We ask you to simply connect life and art, art and life." (Christopher Caudwell)

Ensemble soundinitiative © DR

Matteo Cesari Flute
Rémy Reber, Nataliya Makovskaya Guitars
Ensemble soundinitiative
Robin Meier IRCAM Computer Music Design
Trainees Computer Music Designers Jae-Hyun Ahn, Gang-Hyuk Lee

  • MARCO STROPPA Traiettoria…deviata
  • SALVATORE SCIARRINO Il pomeriggio di un allarme al parcheggio Premiere ; Addio case del vento ; Venere che le Grazie la fioriscono
  • HELMUT LACHENMANN Salut für Caudwell

IRCAM/Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou coproduction. With the support of the Sacem. Manifestation organized as a part of the France-Korea year 2015-2016.

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