Interpretation Master Class

The interpretation master classes juxtapose the 20th century repertoire with recent creations in an effort to break down historical specializations. These classes offer a special look at a selection of reference works of the mixed music repertoire where the element of sound projection is an integral part of the performance.

Interpretation Master Class: Percussion Ensemble

The American percussionist Steven Schick offers 8 young musicians the opportunity to work on pieces for percussion ensembles. Steven Schick also invites 2 young composers to write a new work for this master class. The program is divided between young creating and emblematic works by great masters: John Luther Adams, Steve Reich, and Philippe Leroux, guest composer for ManiFeste-2016.

Selected percussionists: Vincent Caers (Belgium), Kaja Farszky (Croatia), Katelyn King (United-States), Lorenzo Colombo (Italie), Lara Oyedepo (France), Manon Roche (France), David Therrien-Brongo (Canada), Karen Yu (Canada)
Selected composers: Anahita Abbasi (Iran), Onur Yildirim (Turkey)

Associated event: Nuit de la Percussion, June 29

In Vivo Danse -CAMPING / Xavier Le Roy

As a part of a new partnership, the Centre national de la danse and IRCAM have invited Xavier Le Roy to lead a unique workshop. For 9 days, 15 young dancers and 15 young musicians will live a common experience of movement through the disappearance of the original score (Bernhard Lang, DW 5 for 15 musicians and tape). Little by little, the music gives way to gestures, noises, songs, mimicry, forms in motion realized by the 30 protagonists.

Musicians from the ensemble soundinitiative
Dancers: applications accepted on

Associated event: In Vivo Danse-CAMPING / Xavier Le Roy, June 30

Computer-Music Design Workshop

As a part of the France-Korea Year (2015-2016), IRCAM will welcome and train two students from CREAMA (Seoul) in computer music techniques. Through their implication in three concerts during ManiFeste, and advice from the computer music designers Grégoire Lorieux, Robin Meier, and Benoît Meudic, they will learn the basics of sound capture, interaction with real-time transformations of a musician's performance, the relationship between pre-recorded sounds and their performance, decentralization and spatialization of a sound source, and more.

Selected computer-music designers: Jae-Hyun Ahn (South Korea), Gang-Hyuk Lee (South Korea)

Associated event: Concert Parcours Musique Mixte, June 25 | Arte Povera : musique de chambre, June 30 | Final, July 2